“When creating with purpose, you will become an inspiration to others. Use your gift to inspire, and the world will never stop creating.” - Phephe

Raised in San Diego, I was fortunate enough to have parents and a grandmother who supported my artistic interests. I was put in rec center art classes and joined SCPA’s Visual Arts program. In high school, I grew an interest in architecture, and was accepted into University of Southern California’s School of Architecture, earning my Bachelor of Architecture in 2009.

In 2012, I leaped into entrepreneurship, gaining an experiential degree in business, one company even reached 6 figures in revenue. I’m an avid reader, seminar attendee and studied NLP, sales and public speaking under mentors Mel Culter and John Kurth. During that time, I gained knowledge and expertise in branding, marketing and turning a creative passion into a brand.

Now, I focus on various creative endeavors under Phephe Rose Studio. My latest project is Adventures of Mila, inspired by my late pet bunny. When I’m not in my studio creating for myself or clients, I’m in the classroom inspiring children or giving workshops and speeches on following your passions with purpose.

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